At Wildfire Systems Limited we take great pride in our engineering and refurbishment process which ensures our customers receive a quality experience. From the foundation of the company it was decided that we could not provide great quality service without complete control of the testing of the products we offer and thus the Wildfire Systems Limited engineering department was born. Our engineering department is staffed by highly trained engineers who ensure that all equipment is fully tested when it is purchased and again upon dispatch. This multiple testing method ensures that our shelves are stocked with fully working products and minimises any issues for you.

Since the departments creation our engineers have been tirelessly working to create the Wildfire Resource Environment, a collection of procedures and data about the machines and parts that we deal with. The Wildfire Resource Environment is the result of decades of experience and ensures that our engineers have a shared knowledge base allowing them to work efficiently, diagnose and fix any issue they come across. Not only is our engineering department responsible for the testing, they are responsible for the complete refurbishment process ensuring end to end quality.


Refurbishment process

All equipment goes through a number of procedures and checks including but not limited to the following:

A full system diagnostic test with results recorded, ensuring we can provide a detailed test report with each machine. This report can be provided to our clients in a printed or digital form.

Firmware is updated to the latest available version.

Any batteries are tested and charged or replaced if necessary.

All passwords are reset to factory defaults or agreed standards. Credentials are identified and clearly marked in test documentation.

All Hard Disk Drives are fully tested and data wiped to NCSC standards.

Any cosmetic issues are identified and rectified as far as is practicable.

Equipment is cleaned thoroughly with anti-static agents.

Rackmount Kits are packed complete with all required screws and fixings.