At Wildfire Systems we understand that many projects have a short-term lifespan and a full hardware purchase may not be necessary. We are able to offer bespoke rental options for both short-term and long-term projects; whether you require just one machine or a complete environment, we can provide a solution that fits your needs.

Rental contracts typically have a fixed term but we understand that sometimes projects need to be extended so we offer a competitive rolling contract price once your initial term comes to an end. If you find that at any point in your rental term that you will have an ongoing need for the hardware and wish to purchase then we have a fair solution which allows you to offset a portion of your rental agreement against the purchase cost.

Why rent servers, storage or networking hardware?

Try before you buy

Are you thinking of purchasing hardware which you are unsure will meet your requirements? Renting can provide you with proof of concept, provide peace of mind by allowing you to evaluate the hardware before a purchase decision is made and avoid the risk of purchasing hardware which may not prove to be suitable.

Budgetary constraints

Avoid budget issues and conserve cash flow by renting server, storage or networking hardware until it is convenient for you to purchase.

Disaster recovery

Avoid downtime and costs to your business by renting hardware to recover swiftly from any disasters that may have happened.

Workload peaks

Rent hardware to allow for more scalability, protecting you against periods of higher workload.


Want to trial some new software but worried about doing it on critical systems? Rent hardware instead to avoid any unnecessary risks, providing you with peace of mind.

Relocation & Migration

Need to migrate data from an existing system or looking to relocate mission critical hardware? Renting hardware is a cost effective convenient solution and can help you avoid any downtime during the relocation of mission critical assets.