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At Wildfire Systems we supply New, Refurbished and End of Life Enterprise Servers, Storage, Switches and Spare Parts Globally. Supporting customers and partners since 2004 from our Headquarters in Gloucestershire, UK. If you are looking to buy Refurbished Servers or other hardware you have come to the right place. We specialize in Sun Oracle / Sun Microsystems hardware also holding a significant stock of the more popular brands; HPE, Dell and IBM.

Refurbished solutions

With our dedicated in house engineering facility, trained engineers and an in depth refurbishment process you can be rest assured that your refurbished hardware will be clean and fully tested. We take pride in our thorough refurbishment process, packing and attention to detail.

Over the past decade we have seen an increase in customers looking to buy refurbished servers, storage and networking. Refurbished solutions offer a massive cost saving versus new equipment and with warranties of up to 3 years available you can have the same warranty that you would have with new hardware.

Often we find customers choose to extend the warranty of a refurbished server past 1 year by selecting a maintenance plan that best fits their needs. Please take a look at the maintenance options we have available for refurbished servers, storage and networking which are a fraction of the cost of maintenance offered by original equipment manufacturers.

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90 Day to 3 Year Warranty

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Worldwide Shipping

The Devil Is In The Detail

Utilizing specialized software and because of our thorough onboarding process we are able to immediately deliver up specific technical information of the products we have in stock. Whether you require a specific firmware level of a drive or revision level of a part you wont be waiting long for an answer. Furthermore we detail the internal parts of servers including the serial numbers of individual components allowing traceability and peace of mind. See the below example of a server:

End of Life hardware

A significant amount of the hardware we supply is end of life, this is one of our specialities. We have found ourselves in many a situation where the customer has decided to extend the life of an existing system once they have found that they are able to source the spare parts or identical systems from us. This is often significantly more cost effective than overhauling your IT infrastructure. Whilst your hardware may now be considered end of life by the original equipment manufacturer and no longer supportable under their maintenance we can offer end of life maintenance options that allow you to continue using your IT assets until you see fit.

We have built up a lot of technical knowledge on end of life hardware over the years and continue to work with many niche hardware specialists to support customers’ aged IT infrastructure. If you would like to know more about what we can offer then please get in contact.

When you do decide to upgrade your IT infrastructure and are looking to sell your server, storage and networking equipment please do keep us in mind. With partners who specialise in niche brands we are able to get the best price possible for your end of life hardware. See our asset recovery page for more information.


We ship internationally with all the major couriers DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT with blind shipping facilities available should you require them. Same day deliveries are available for items that are required immediately. For more information on our shipment capabilities please see our shipping page.