Hardware Consultation

Often our customers will not have a specific hardware requirement at the outset of their project, they may have an idea of the amount of processing capability and storage required or may just have a problem that needs solving. Our sales team are all experts in their fields and can guide customers to the best solution for their requirement. We provide hardware consultation on a daily basis and it is not a service we charge for.

Since the incorporation of Wildfire Systems in 2004 we have built up a significant amount of technical knowledge on Legacy and End of Life hardware, much of this is not readily available nor accessible anymore. Struggling to find End of Life spare parts for your hardware? We could save you a lot of time and money in either finding the exact part or suggesting suitable alternatives that you may not already be aware of.

Bespoke Solutions

Do you have a vague outline for a project but want to speak to someone about your execution method? We often work with customers who have a complicated task that needs achieving. We have a wealth of knowledge on both current and End of Life hardware which you can lean on. After listening to your requirement we can suggest efficient methods of achieving your goal and then tailor a project strategy that you are happy with.

With in-house engineering facilities and trained engineers we can configure your hardware prior to dispatch thus saving you time and money. We can arrange the delivery, installation and relocation should the project have different phases. If you require something doing that hasn’t been done before we’d like to hear about it!